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Born in a period of confinement and a return to our deep roots, this collection explores existential questions stripped of all superficiality, while floating toward a new era of the ethereal.

Designs using braided bandage work and embroidery from ancient civilizations honor the wisdom of our ancestors pondered in times of introspection and psychedelic quandaries. Hand-threading from ancient Arab culture and braided silk thread work is woven across the fabric, while earth tones move from rich to aery, balancing the harmony of darkness and light. Each piece assists in the fuller story of our convoluted history and its aspirations of ascent.


Light tulle, metallic net, and metallic silk fabrics merge in a display of firmness giving way to buoyancy. Draped, open busts and ruffled skirts with slits emphasize the budding need to shed the protective cloaking of the past to enjoy a new lightness of being.


Weight gives way to flight in this celebration of mortality and its constant reach for the immortal.

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